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  • Honorary chairman of the board of Sino Nitride Science and Technology Group

    Gan Zizhao

    Gan Zizhao was born in April 1938. He graduated from the Department of Physics at Peking University in October 1959 and did his graduate study at the Department of Physics at Peking University from October 1959 to January 1963; Gan is a student of Huang Kun academician, a famous physicist. After graduation, Gan worked at the school as a teacher and has been teaching at the school until now.
    In 1991, Gan was elected as an academician at the Department of Mathematics and Physics of Chinese Academy of Science. At present, Gan is a professor at the School of Physics at Peking University, the deputy director of Modern physics center in Beijing, the director of State Key Laboratory for Artificial Microstructure and Mesoscopic Physics, PKU, a member of the State key laboratory academic committee of superconductivity. The features of Gan’s academic work are reflected by his commitment to the frontier research on Condensed Matter Physics & Optical Physics and the integration of his theoretical research and experimental research. In 1994, Gan was awarded the title of “Young and Middle-aged Experts with Outstanding Contribution at the National Level”.

  • President of Guangda Group

    Chen Jianmin

    Chen Jianmin was born in November 1983. Chen returned to China after his overseas study and worked in Guangdong Guangda Group as an assistant to the chairman of the board. Chen successively acquired the “Annual Outstanding Contribution Award for Global Living Environment”, “2010 Advanced Individual of College Graduate Entrepreneurship in Guangdong Province”, and “Guangdong Youth May 4th Medal”.
    Seeing the broad potential of the development of GaN substrate materials and relevant technologies, Chen communicated with Research Center for Wide Bandgap Semiconductor of PKU to seek cooperation.
    In November 2008, Chen made great effort and successfully facilitated the win-win-cooperation between Guangdong Guangda Group and Peking University; as a part of the cooperation, the two parties jointly established Dongguan Sino Nitride Semiconductor Co., Ltd.

  • Chairman of the board of Sino Nitride Science and Technology Group

    Zhang Guoyi

    Zhang Guoyi was born in December 1950. Zhang holds a PhD in Physics and is currently a professor at the School of Physics at Peking University, a doctoral supervisor, the director of Research Center for Wide Bandgap Semiconductor of PKU, and the executive-vice president of Dongguan Institute of Opto-Electronics Peking University.
    Professor Zhang Guoyi was in the position of an expert in the thematic expert team of information opto-electronics of “The 9th Five Year Plan” national 863 scheme and a member of the “the 10th Five Year Plan” national semiconductor lighting expert team. Zhang has been conducting researches on semiconductor Physics & device Physics, semiconductor optical electronics and MOCVD deposition techniques for long term. From 1993 to the present, Zhang acquired the “863 Scheme Advanced Group and Advanced Individual Award” issued by the Ministry of Science and Technology, applied for more than 20 national invention patents, acquired the silver award of “2000 Hong Kong International Invention Exhibition”, and acquired the silver award of the “National Invention Exhibition”. As the first person of accomplishment, Zhang was awarded the 4th prize of National Technological Invention and 2nd prize of National Education Commission for Scientific and Technological Progress.

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